Whitening & Healing Medi-Mask
Whitening & Healing Medi-Mask
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Whitening & Healing Medi-Mask

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    • 5pack
    • Perfect tight contact of natural cellulose
    • Maximizing of skin lifting Up by synergy effect of peptide, collagen and free omega matrix.
    • Skin calming effect of patented guava leaf complex extract and fermented lotus seed extract.
    • Recommended for all skin types


    • Whitening Peptide and niacin-amide help invigorate and whiten skin.
    • Moisturization & Calming  Fermented vegetable oils supply nourishment to skin and skin protective film on skin to make skin lustrous, and guava leaf complex extract relieve sensitive skin. 

    How to Apply

    • Step 1  Wash your face with a cleanser and pat dry.
    • Step 2  With clean fingers, remove the mask from the sachet.
    • Step 3  Apply the mask to the face and massage gently into the skin.
    • Step 4  Remove the outer layer and leave the mask on the skin for 10 minutes.
    • Step 5  Remove the mask and clean the skin and enjoy the effect.

    Key Ingredient

    • Four kinds of fermented vegetable oil
    • Fermented lotus seed extract
    • Guava leaf and mixture extracts