New Cell Protective Cream
New Cell Protective Cream
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New Cell Protective Cream

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    • 50ml
    • It has skin soothing and proper skin coverage properties and a whitening function that improve wrinkles and skin tone, promoting skin elasticity and revitalization.
    • When going outside after peeling, please use it to protect skin.
    • Recommended for all skin types


    • Soothing Protection cream which does not contain UV protection ingredients that can irritate skin after peeling.  
    • Calming for Skin Contains adenosine, which promotes collagen synthesis in the dermis layer, and palmytoil tripeptide, which is excellent for wrinkle improvement, and strengthens the skin cells to promote elasticity.
    • New Cell Contains an arbutin ingredient that inhibits the production of melanin pigments and makes skin tone even and clear.

    How to Apply

    • Step 1  Use after an New Cell Regenerating Cream
    • Step 2  Please apply sunscreen separately to protect skin if planning to be exposed to strong UV rays.

    Key Ingredient

    • Arbutin, Adenosine, GLCE, Hyaluronic acid, Palmitoyl tripeptide, Aloe extract, Tocopheryl acetate

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