About us

Benia3(Ben's Lab) is committed to provide the highest quality aesthetic treatments.

Main components : Fermented Lotus Flower Extract

One day in 2009 when Bendu-381, functional material for anti-allergic rhinitis, had been tried for clinical test in general hospital, a doctor told us as below.

“I discovered even their hives as well as rhinitis to be cleared and their skin to be improved in patients who had been taking Bendu-381”.

Since Then, we started the research to apply to cosmetics with confidence that it can improve your skin if we can deliver Bendu-381 well into the skin. In addition, we considered that it is essential to make essential fatty acids, main components of skin cell membrane, to be absorbed into the skin.

These ideas have let us developed “Fermented Oil” and, it has a lot of free essential fatty acids which have been formed from vegetable oil through our creative BCRF technology. As fermented oil can be absorbed into the skin easily, it is very helpful for skin health. From ancient time, lotus flower blooming in the pond has been known as a symbol of beauty. We have maximized its effect by enriching lotus flower extract full of flavonoids through micro-housing fermentation technology.

Benia III is a noble dermatological product that biotechnology and traditional fermentation science have been incorporated to create.

Your Skin, Your Journey, Our Promise.
Know your skin better

Benia III has been specifically developed to maintain great skin-health on a daily basis. The collection uses only the highest quality medical-grade ingredients, and has been formulated and developed over many years to provide an effective treatment for common skin complaints.

The collection introduces an affordable,clinically proven, integrated mix of products that work to achieve brighter and healthier skin, as well as helping to refine pores, minimise fine lines & wrinkles and address any pigmentation issues.

Our Blue line recommended by medical professionals including dermatologists and red line recommended daily basis.

Your Trusted Skincare Manufacturer

Ben's Lab Research and Development Centre is located at the Advanced Institute of Science & Technology of the University of Suwon in South Korea which is equipped with excellent research facilities.

Our qualified R&D and Chemist team create a true building block to offer you quality skin and hair products from Concept to finished products with our comprehensive all-in-one service.

We produce private label products for the skin clinic chains, professionals, celebrities, Beauty clinics and Stores. We can help expand your product line with our result proven formulations in your own packaging.